Pre-race Paste 60g

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This pre-race horse supplements paste is 100% natural drug, and chemical free. It provides key nutrients that would increase the performance of the equine athlete during exercise and competition. It reduces the risk of critical nutrient deficiency that can limit the performance and exercise capacity.

  • Provides nutritional support at the moment of competition
  • Maximizes your horse’s performance
  • Ensures nutrient exhaustion does not cause premature fatigue
  • Promotes continuous, sustained energy generation during performance
  • Faster uptake and loading of energy and glucose into cells for maximum results
  • Reduces muscle and cell membrane damage during intense exercise
  • Protects cell membranes from free-radical oxidant damage

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Pre Race Horse Supplements


Product Information and Key Ingredients
PRE-RACE PASTE is a veterinary formulation of ANTI-OXIDANTS, B-VITAMINS and minerals, combined with peptides to prime muscles for exercise, racing, competition, training and work. Providing key nutrients before exercise, this pre race horse supplement ensures blood levels are high and ready to meet the demands of the muscle and body as they strive for peak performance.

It prepares the blood and muscle systems for exercise and recovery. The specific peptide profile, anti-oxidants, minerals and B-vitamins are selected for their roles in energy production, muscle development and cellular protection – building the arsenal of first-class nutrients called for to support energy output and stamina.

Deficiency and depletion of critical nutrients during exercise can reduce exercise capacity. It reduces the risk of critical nutrient deficiency that can limit performance. Call us on +61 2 9238 2264 and let our experts explain more about how pre race horse supplements can boost the performance and health of the racing horse and camels.

Why does it work?
Exercise capacity and the onset of fatigue are affected by the moment-to-moment muscle demand for energy, maintenance of homeostasis and by the level of protection provided by the antioxidant defence systems. Supporting these dynamic cellular processes is fundamental to delaying the onset of fatigue.

Correct nutritional support before work can ensure assistance for these processes – and in combination with the exercise can trigger up-regulation of genes fundamental for energy generation and muscle growth.

The antioxidant defence system has an absolute requirement for magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamins B and C. Boosting the availability of substrates central to peak muscle and nerve function, and ensuring the nutrients required for cellular protection are presented to the cells as they require them, is imperative for realisation of genetic potential during the crucial moments of when sustained peak performance is imperative.

How does it work?
The profile of amino acids and array of substrates combined in PRE-RACE PASTE ( Horse Supplements) provides the biochemical and physiological stimulus for insulin release and genetic responses for new amino acid (protein) formation. Insulin has profound anabolic actions, promoting growth hormone release and priming muscles for peak performance and assisting in recovery.

As with all power stations, potentially toxic by-products are released during intense energy generation. These damaging waste products, known as oxidants and free-radicals, hamper biochemical pathways and cause damage to cell membrane integrity – central to the onset of fatigue.

PRE-RACE PASTE provides the requisite antioxidant vitamins and minerals that scavenge and inactivate free-radicals. Delivering these crucial substrates before exercise boosts the arsenal the horse needs to defend and protect cell membranes from oxidant damage.

The combination of gluconeogenic and branched chain amino acids and peptides with anti-oxidant enhancement allows the horse to react and respond to the second-to-second demands of peak performance — protecting against critical nutrient exhaustion and performance-limiting fatigue. Contact us for sale, research, legal, logistics or any general query related to our pre race horse supplements and our customer care team will be happy to assist you with your issues.

What does Pre-Race Paste achieve?
Continuous nutrient and substrate availability underpin muscle function during peak performance. PRE-RACE PASTE achieves the delicate balance of timing nutrient support, which is critical for moment-to-moment performance.

All equine quests and endeavours that require peak performance must address the onset of fatigue. A fall in the ability to sustain continuous energy production, combined with accumulation of damaging free-radical oxidants is at the centre of muscle fatigue. Therefore ensuring energy production and inactivation of damaging free-radical forms of oxygen, is central to assist in the prevention of the onset of fatigue.

PRE-RACE PASTE makes sure the specific peptides, hormones, vitamins and minerals fundamental to sustained energy generation and inactivation of free-radicals are available the moment the cells, muscles and biochemical pathways require them. Given before exercise, PRE-RACE PASTE ensures these nutrients are uploaded into the blood stream ready for when they are demanded — preventing nutrient deficiencies and exhaustion of body stores does not induce early onset fatigue and helping horses reach the potential so carefully nurtured.

The Product
Is formulated specifically to support sustained energy generation AND protect against the by-products of energy generation.

Side Effects?
PRE-RACE PASTE is made from peptides, vitamins, minerals and amino acids naturally present in the body. It does not and cannot swab. It is completely Drug and Chemical free and there are no possible side-effects.

Is it Legal in Performance Animals?
PRE-RACE PASTE is 100% natural, drug and chemical free. It will not and cannot compromise any performance animal in any event or race it competes. It does not swab. However, the rules of racing must apply in state or country at all times.

Size & Availability?
Available in 60 gram paste. Check our catalogue for other related products.

How often can it be Used
Pre-race Paste Horse Supplements can be used before each exercise session. Maximum benefits occur when given within 4 hours of commencing exercise. This ensures blood levels of critical nutrients are optimum during work when the muscles demand them.

The vitamins, chromium, minerals, amino acid array and peptide profile has been selected to promote muscle glucose loading and protect cells from exercise-induced free-radical damage. If you are not sure about the use or have any issues related to the dosage, please visit a veterinary doctor or contact our professionals for more detailed information.

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