Shipping and Return Policy


All orders are to be paid in full prior to shipment. The buyer is always responsible for all shipping costs. We do insure for damage, but cannot be responsible for importation denials or delays. Although most of our products are nutritional supplements, So far we have not had any problems other than an occasional delay. We will provide all of the necessary paperwork to assist you whenever possible.

We ship under very strict conditions to known high-risk fraud countries such as Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Orders to these countries need approval from the Credit Card issuing bank first.

Since this is medication, all sales are final. In the event that we ship you the wrong product or the product is damaged during shipping, we will credit you for the product(s) immediately to your satisfaction. We will reship the damaged product with a future order. Please be sure to check your final order upon ordering to prevent any mistakes. Again, we apologize for the stringent all sales are final, but unfortunately medicine cannot be returned and resold. As a customer, you would insist on a new product in every order and this insures you of such. We do not take a product back under any circumstances, but will credit for damaged or lost goods when necessary. We do not refund possible seizures or shipping cost. assumes no responsibility with respect to these procedures or any tariffs, duties, or other such restrictions & charges imposed and/or enforced by the destination country.

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