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DHL Global Forwarding

Advanced Equine and Camel Solutions is an internationally accredited shipper of equine products, servicing over 22 countries across the globe with a suite of cutting edge natural products. You can be safe in the knowledge that Advanced Equine Solutions ships from its offices in the USA and Hong Kong on a daily basis, using only the best internationally recognised shippers in the world, including DHL, UPS, Fed‐Ex and EMS.
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You never have to worry about credit card safety when you are shopping at our site. We guarantee that each purchase is protected by our secure server. If fraudulent charges ever occurred, rest assured you will not have to pay for them.All transactions are encrypted using a secure server for maximum security. Your credit card and personal information about your order remains unreadable as it travels through our system. And to add even more safety, once we receive your credit card information, it is stored in an area that is not accessible from the Internet.

Disclaimer: Any use of Advanced Equine and Camel Solution's products must adhere to the rules of racing in their state or country.

Our products are not available for sale in Australia.

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